Purdey Invests in Art Centre

The British actress Joanna Lumley, known to us as Purdey from The Avengers, has celebrated with her friend from the series, Gareth Hunt (Gambit for fans), the success of a whole new project in which she is closely involved: the construction of a kind of art centre, where there is room for theatre, film recordings (studios are under construction), art education, a space for art exhibitions, etc. Joanna has invested part of her savings in the project, and is also a permanent member of the framework staff .

Which does not mean that she intends to give up her career as an actress: with ex-invisible man David McCallum she has another successful project in her own country, namely Sapphire and Steel. Joanna: "In London there is still too little attention for art. With my participation in this project I hope to contribute my bit ... "